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Elemental (Gaara Love Story) (Naruto fan fiction) Completed October 18, 2015 It's Lissa Marie. Naruto | Gaara Temari | Anime/Manga Romance Kazekage Love Mizukage Mariko Erementaru Kankuro Suna Kiri Ninja Kage. Mariko Erementaru is a skilled and famous kunoichi throughout the ninja world. She meets a young Kazekage along her adventures as a ninja.

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Trishia Meyer, the daughter of the Senator said. Arabella Jones was dumbfounded. She had to make a choice. To saved her father's company, Arabella had agreed to marry the evil billionaire, Bill Sky. They were bound to meet again after their coincidental kissed that night. They agreed to sign a non-disclosure contract and they swore not to love.

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Almost every Otsutsuki in the series has access to powerful Kekkei Genkai and godly abilities on top of that. Here are the top 10 Otsutsuki in the series, ranked by how strong they are. ... NEXT: Naruto: Top 10 Strongest Kekkei Genkai Ranked. Popular Anime Characters Who Share the Same Name - But Have Opposite Personalities. Read Next. Share.

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Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Friendship - [ Sasuke U., OC] Naruto U., Itachi U. - Chapters: 18 - Words: ... "It's for your own good Sasuke , you've been spending too much time slacking on your studies." Kabuto pulled a lever releasing the men and women from their cages. Slowly and hesitantly they all stepped out staring at the young.

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Answer (1 of 6): The Adamantine Sealing Chains isn't a Kekkei Genkai and we have no other informations about the Uzumaki Clan even having one. The Admanatine Sealing Chains are labeled a Hiden technique. The 4th databook states it to be a secret sealing technique of the Uzumaki Clan, not a Kekk.

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2 Ink Creation. Ink Creation is yet another ability that Naruto possesses but hardly ever uses. It is gifted to him by the Eight-Tailed Beast, known as Gyuki. This power, as the name suggests, allows Naruto Uzumaki to create ink and use it to blind his targets and reduce their visibility.

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and tend to be a cringy power jerk. The only truly good Rinnegan or Sharingan fanfiction I can remember reading are Sage, Legacy, and Uchiha Naruto: The Sage. So I am looking for a Kekkei Genkai Naruto that is either unique or uncommon ones such as Dust Release. I'd like it to be at least 100k+ words as those below generally take less than an.

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If you really want to go crazy with kekkei genkai, don't just reskin existing powers, do powers that are not possible within the normal framework of elemental jutsus. Mmh, this isn't really reskinning, just expanding those Elemental Kekkei Genkai's scopes, to match normal elemental releases. Shadow-control and body-possession should really be. 6 Tsukuyomi. Tsukuyomi is a Mangekyo Sharingan ability that is often used by Itachi Uchiha. The jutsu traps the person in an incredibly strong illusion. The Tsukuyomi slows down the perception of time and completely distorts the way a person perceives reality. Itachi typically uses the jutsu to torture his opponents.

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It's the fourth best selling manga series as of writing this, with 250 million copies sold across 46 countries. The story revolves around Naruto Uzumaki and is a coming-of-age type of story which involves wars, friendship, overcoming. . Kekkei Genkai List - The Official Staff List - The Contest Board! - Additional Rules - Secret White Moves.

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Search: Naruto Descendant Of Juubi Fanfiction. People in the Village hidden in the leaves ignored him and shunned him so much he did crazy things Orochimaru uses the third time Fushi Tensei to and accepts Gen’yūmaru Fox in the rain (naruto fanfic) - Free ebook download as PDF File ( Naruto's fighting could be divvied up into five styles, Shadow clones, summoning,.

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Search: Naruto Descendant Of Juubi Fanfiction. Hamura Otsutsuki Hello Everyone! SO this is a Narusasu fanfic Naruto the juubi jinchuriki Fanfiction The Naruto-verse was supposed to be a light-hearted A/U, but as friends put in requests for characters and Naruto - the Author Avatar - became more and more the main character, the resemblances between Basilisk and Naruto.

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First published Aug 17, 2019 Mature The Hokage calls the Konoha 12 as well as their parents and sensei's to his office for a special surprise. Their going to the future! However, not everything is what it seems. Follow the genin as they embark on a road to the future, stumbling upon mind-bogling revelations and unbelieving truths.

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74 Stories. Sort by: Hot. # 1. Bone Flowers - a Naruto fanfic by Ida-san. 30.1K 833 32. Yimei is about to get a new start in the village Konohagakure. A new life as Sakura's adopted sister. Nobody knows about her dark past, not about the fact that she's a... sakurassister.

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naruto multiple kekkei genkai fanfiction februarie 27, 2021; OVB Romania februarie 11, 2020; [email protected] ianuarie 23, 2020; ING Bank - Voice Customer Care Enthusiast - program flexibil 4, 6 sau 8 ore ianuarie 20, 2020; Serviciul Român de Informații noiembrie 27, 2019; Categorii.

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Phoenix Release is the Kekkei Genkai used by the phoenixes that reside in the Aokigahara Forest. A unique kekkei genkai that been been affiliated with generation's of uchiha members with their ancestral predecessor being the Legendary Madara Uchiha. Long before chakra existed, there was something in the world known as Nature Energy. The animals learned how to use it. Some animals invented.

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It's the fourth best selling manga series as of writing this, with 250 million copies sold across 46 countries. The story revolves around Naruto Uzumaki and is a coming-of-age type of story which involves wars, friendship, overcoming. . Kekkei Genkai List - The Official Staff List - The Contest Board! - Additional Rules - Secret White Moves.

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secret water art: kaikenme blast Type: Ninjutsu Sub-Type: kekkai Genkai Transformation : Wind / Water description: this Jutsu will create a blast of chakra infused water that you can control for a few second after that it goes straight ten feet then it goes back to the wielder it also destroys chakra points.

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Then Naruto decided he was going to use the Kyuubi's power. Bear in mind the only reason he stopped was because the Kyuubi's power was too unstable rather then making a moral choice. This led to such [Sarcasm] wonderful scenes like this:- [/Sarcasm] Where Naruto and Bee saying happily declaring they are stealing Kurama's Chakra. Link 2.

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Naruto Uzumaki was born in Konohagakure and the villagers despised him. Twelve years ago on October 10th, The Yondaime Sealed the Yin half of the Kyuubi no Kitsune into a baby Naruto while sealing the Yang half in himself. Naruto is now sitting in class at the academy learning about clans and Kekkei Genkai. Greetings and welcome to my Fanfiction. This is an idea that i have thought of, which i had an idea for. Summary: Naruto has two secrets. One is the kyuubi. But his 2nd secret is deep and dark. He knows they might not accept him, for he has the kekkei Genkai of "Sharingan." If his secret gets out, what will happen.
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